Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wedding Wednesday

About a year ago, on Memorial Day Weekend, I had the most amazing weekend with friends and family as I had my bachelorette party in Chicago and another bridal shower, hosted by two of my aunts, in the same city as our family lake house, where I've spent a very significant part of my life.

The trip to Chicago started off rocky, and getting bumped off our flight meant that the Cubs tickets that J got us went to waste (so sad that I still haven't made it to Wrigley).  When we finally got there, things started looking up!  We ate a lot, we drank some :) and we went all around the city.  We even took some time to get an education on our weekend of fun by going to the Museum of Science and Industry.

The Bride-to-Be has to be dressed up

Waiting to get into Garret's to get some popcorn

Science & Industry Museum

Howl at the Moon
After a fun couple of nights, we took the train from Chicago to South Bend and then rented a car to take us to my bridal shower.  My only Aunt on my dad's side, Sandi and my Godmother/Aunt on my mom's side, Debbie put the shower on for me.  Aunt Sandi makes me taco salad every year for my Birthday so when she offered to do the same for my shower, I could not pass it up!  We had the shower in her church and it was lots of fun!  We played games and ate GREAT food and had a great time!

Cake Table

Great decorations

The whole group

Best Flower Girl ever!!
What a great weekend... I can't believe that was a year ago!!!


  1. crazy how fast a year goes right?! Such great memories we have :) Thanks for commenting about my pictures from my trip! I actually got a really awesome Canon Rebel t2i for Christmas from my parents and it's been awesome! It's helped a ton with blogging..I SO wish I had this during all my wedding planning stuff!

  2. Best of luck for your married life !!! and yes you are right you had the best flower girl for your marriage!! she is so cute !!