Monday, July 23, 2012

Bridal Shower Fun

It just occurred to me that I haven't done a recap from my cousin's bridal shower yet... OOPS!

Well, let's set the stage.  My mom called me on Friday and said that they didn't have power.  A wind storm had gone through and taken some trees down.  I didn't really ask many questions, and figured that they would have the power on by that night... WRONG!

We had to make a couple of stops before we got to my parents' house so it was night by the time we got there.  J missed the exit because the sign had been chopped in half by the wind, and the whole area, which consists of a fairly large shopping area, was COMPLETELY dark.  Uh oh...

We got to my parents' house around 11 pm and decided we would just go to bed and hope that the power came back on over night - well it didn't.  I woke up at 5:30 am on Saturday, really starting to worry about the fact that I didn't know if the hotel had power.  J got up and went to the only grocery store in the area that had power, got some breakfast food that didn't require cooking, and got one of the last bags of ice in the city.  He also stopped by the hotel and they did not have power.  They asked us to call at 7:00 am when the manager arrived, and he would have more information for us.

So, we called at 7 am and it was busy.  I called about 10 more times before I figured out that they are probably on an internet based phone, which means no power = no phone.  J, my dad and I hopped in the car and drove over.  I talked with the manager and he said they would make it work!  They could get us all of the major food, they were ordering coffee from a local coffee shop, and that he would find something that could replace the toast that they wouldn't be able to make.  He also said they would put candles on the table for extra light, and provide extra pitchers of ice water.

Luckily my cousin had power, so I went to her house to get ready.  My mom and aunt put the centerpieces together and we met at the hotel to decorate and get ready...

Centerpieces, courtesy of my mom and aunt

Centerpieces, courtesy of my mom and aunt

The towel cake that I made

I thought donuts were more appropriate for a brunch shower
The table cloths were wrinkled (no iron) and it was pretty dark in the room because we kept having to close the curtains further to keep the sun's heat out, but the food was great, and I'm so glad we were able to make it work!  We played Bridal Scatgories which was a free print out that I found here and Name that Spice, even though it wasn't a "kitchen" shower per say.  Then it was time for the bride to open her gifts!

My other creation - Pinterest inspired, of course  :)
A few quick shots before we were all covered with sweat all went back home, and the bridal shower was a success!!

The bride between the Maid of Honor and a high school friend

Mother of the Bride, Grandmother of the Bride & Bride

Future Mother in Law and Grandmother in Law

Cousins - the funny picture (always a must have)

The bride with her aunts

Hannah and me!
I can't wait for her wedding... it's going to be such a fun day!  Only a couple more weeks until her bachelorette party, sure to be a great time as well!!!

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