Thursday, June 14, 2012

"Country but not TOO Country" Wedding Recap

A couple weeks ago, J and I went back to Texas for the wedding of one of the girls who used to work for me. She and her fiance were a part of this group who drove from Texas to Indiana just for our wedding (they are the ones on the left)...
When Jess was dress shopping, she sent me a picture of the dress she chose and it made me tear up so of course we were going to be at their wedding on June 2!  I miss this girl so much and I really wish she and Justin were closer to us.

SO, Jess kept describing her wedding as "country, but not too country".  Their wedding was at Willowood Ranch which is a great location, in the middle of nowhere.  I'd actually call her wedding "country chique" because it was VERY country, but also very beautiful.  She did some amazing stuff!!!

I wish I would have taken more pictures of the details, but I was having such a good time being a guest and catching up with some of my former employees that I just forgot.  Jess told me that I could steal from Facebook so I took a few and added them to our pictures...

Beautiful Location for the Ceremony

After further examination, I determined that these are just like the ones we made!
Jess and her dad walking down the aisle

Sand Ceremony


She's SOOO excited to be married!!

First Dance

Love their cakes!

Justin did a pretty good job of smashing it in her face  :)

A picture with the bride!

Jess and Justin had an amazing photographer, too.  I did have to borrow one picture from her, as well... the picture of Jessica and Justin when they saw each other for the first time.  What an amazing picture for them to have... Jess held it together WAY better than I did  :)

Check their photographer out on Facebook!

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