Saturday, March 03, 2012

This Weekend

I'm on call this weekend at work, so I have to be available to go in if there's a major injury (anything that causes an ambulance call) or any major incident where the Police would be called.

J and I were out today and right when we sat down to lunch, but on call phone rang and I had to leave him there and go in to work.  It usually takes about 45 minutes to an hour to deal with injuries so he sat at McAlister's and waited for me to get back so I could eat my salad.

Speaking of McAlister's, if you are on Weight Watchers and you love McAlister's sweet tea, I'm sorry... it's 6 points a cup.  I calculated it today based on the 8 cups of sugar they put in every 5 gallons of tea.  I guess this is something I'll have to save my points for every once in a while.

We went shopping for most of the day today and I got some really cute stuff to wear to my conference in Tampa in a few weeks.  I'm so excited to go... this conference is where I get to see friends from all over the country, and I'm really excited to see some of my old co-workers from Texas.

Here are a few of the things that I got at The Limited today (can be found on

5039426_296 This shirt
5038965_250 This shirt
2445573_216 This jacket

I also got a few other shirts and the CUTEST lime green pencil skirt that I'm going to wear with the navy jacket.  I wish I could have found a picture of it to post... I love it!!

Physical Therapy went well this week... I had my first two water sessions and they were awesome.  The first one was a lot of testing and then during the second session, I actually got to run on the underwater treadmill.  It was cool, but I felt EXTREMELY uncoordinated.

We went for a 5 mile run on Thursday and my hip didn't hurt at all, but I did have some pain in other parts of my leg, so I'll have to pass that on to my PT on Monday.

Tomorrow I plan to relax and stop in at work before the IU/Purdue game tomorrow night!!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!!  Go Hoosiers!!

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  1. I love the limited so much! but there are none near me in New York :( It's been a long time since I"ve shopped there..but i need to go get some of these sweet finds!