Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Small Blessings

Moving to Indiana was scary... I'm close to my family, but I had no idea how I would adjust to being back in a college town. I didn't get to enjoy much of summer and then the students came back and I was reminded of my two years of grad school, when it was so hard to stay away from the students (specifically our employees) that we hardly ever went out.

And then it happened... The best week if my new life in Indiana so far... Spring Break.

Don't get me wrong, this city is what it is because of the university. Without it, the culture and progressive thinking probably would not be as strong. But oh how I love when then students leave. To make it even better, it was 80 degrees and sunny here yesterday, which is amazing for March.

So, I spent a couple of hours with some new friends and some great wine, on the patio of a local pub... What a great way to spend part of the day. And more than anything else, it makes me really look forward to summer... Only about 7 weeks away!!

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