Sunday, March 18, 2012

Great Sunday!!

I love Sundays... even though it means Monday is quickly approaching, I tend to make Sundays all about relaxation, even when there are other things I should be doing. Today was no different. We really got NOTHING done this weekend, but it's March Madness and that's a given.

We went on a run to start the day... it was supposed to be 8 miles, but I felt like crap so it ended up being a really tough 7. I celebrated all those points I earned on my run, with a Happy Meal (and pretty much undid all the good that the run brought) and I haven't really gotten off the couch much since.

When I get bored with basketball, I tend to multitask and surf the internet. Today, I found THE MOST AMAZING FOOD WEBSITE EVER!!!! I am seriously in love with this site and have a feeling that I'll be visiting often.

It's called Skinny Taste and it has a whole bunch of recipes that are modified to be healthy and include Weight Watchers points for every recipe. I'm in love...

I've already pinned a few and you can find them on my Ring The Dinner Bell board on Pinterest. I don't know how anyone on weight watchers have ever lived without this website and I swear, the lady that writes this blog is a GENIUS! You should check it out.

So are meals are planned for the week, and the only other accomplishment of my day was to put together my spring centerpiece for our dining room table. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, and hopefully you like it to...

Hope everyone has a great week!!!

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