Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Wine Wednesday

One of the best parts of a fun family weekend, WINE!  This is one of the bottles from our trip to Kalamazoo last weekend...

2011 Snoqualmie - Winemaker's Select
  • Type of wine - Riesling
  • Where to Buy & Price - My cousin (technically my cousin-in-law) is originally from Washington and she and my cousin spent some time living in Washington.  Snoqualmie is located in Paterson, Washington and she discovered it when my cousins brought it home to her.  Now you can find it at various retailers and their website has a great search option that will show you where to find it near you!  They can also ship to select states.
  • Smell - I really just smelled grapes - which I guess is good because that's what wine is made of.  It has a strong scent to it and you can tell by the smell that it's a sweet wine.
  • What You'll Taste - I found hints of melon - specifically honeydew and a sweet flavor.
  • Intensity & Sweetness - I put these together because the intensity is in the sweetness.  While the sweetness is intense, it's not stomach ache sweet.  It's a good summer wine!
We were snacking and talking while we were drinking our wine.  I really loved the way the wine tasted with cheese.  We were eating a white and a sharp cheddar and it paired very well.  There wasn't anything about it that was especially outstanding, but it was a nice addition to our fun and conversation!


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