Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Wine Wednesday

A couple weeks ago, we went to game night at our friends' house.  Game night means dinner and fun, and what goes better with those to things than wine?!!?  Here's what I brought...

Blackstone Winery 2006
  • Type of wine - Merlot
  • Where to Buy & Price - The 2006 is about $18, but it may be hard to come by.  Sam's carries Blackstone wine, but I haven't tried more recent years.
  • Smell - the label mentioned oak tones - smelling the wine is where I found these.
  • What You'll Taste - Not oak, which is good for me because I don't usually like oaky red wines.  I found blackberry tones and a very smooth flavor.
  • Intensity & Sweetness - There was great flavor, but not the kind that slaps you in the face.  The slightest bit of sweetness in this merlot makes it really nice!
We were obviously having steak for dinner, which is why I brought red wine.  It was a great pairing with our salt and pepper seasoned steak, but this is a red that I could also drink without food, which is unusual for me.


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