Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wine Wednesday

Hello and happy Wednesday!  Hope your week is going well so far!!!  Here's the wine of the week...

I picked this bottle PURELY because I loved the label... in my opinion, one of the best ways to pick a new wine to try!

Primal Roots - 2010 
  • Type of wine - Red Blend
  • Where to Buy & Price - I got it at Sam's for around $9 a bottle
  • Smell - It didn't have any fragrance that really stood out... maybe a slight sweetness
  • What I Tasted - It had a slightly sweet start and smooth finish
  • Intensity & Sweetness - It was not intense at all - probably because of the fact that it's a blend and nothing really stood out
I was drinking this while I was cleaning the house and it was a good pairing - it helped the time fly!  I'd buy it again...


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