Monday, April 29, 2013

Wicked Weekend

J and I took a serious break from home improvements to head up to Kalamazoo for a long weekend of relaxing, family and a chance to see Wicked again!  We found out in December that we had tickets and I have seriously been looking forward to it since!  Wicked is J's favorite musical, although his list of attended musicals is pretty small.  It has quickly moved up my list, too!!

It was a seriously amazing show.  The girl who played Glinda was amazing.  She was better than the one we saw in Dallas - she was funny and played the part so well!  The guy who played Fiyero was definitely memorable, which I wouldn't say about the guy we saw in Dallas, and we had a great Elphaba!

Before the show started

After the show, we headed to one of my aunt & uncle's favorite restaurants in Kalamazoo, Martini's.  They have great drinks and even better food!

Can't beat their cosmo!

Roasted garlic and cauliflower alfredo - AMAZING!
It was such a fun weekend and it just makes me look forward to more family time this summer as everyone starts heading back to the lake on the weekends!!!

Coming soon - kitchen remodel & Wine Wednesday!!

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