Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wine Wednesday

The lady that lived next door when we moved in just sold her house so we will soon have a new neighbor!  J helped her clean some limbs from her yard a few weeks ago and we found this hanging on our doorknob as a thank you - how sweet, right??

Apothic Red - 2011
  • Type of wine - Red Blend
  • Where to Buy & Price - I'm not sure where she got it, but isn't the label beautiful?
  • Smell - I smelled a slight tartness, but one of fruit, like a blackberry
  • What I Tasted - berry notes with a smooth finish - the flavor was more bold than the red blend from last week, but the finish was still smooth so the intensity was welcomed!

We drank this while chatting with our parents and while I probably won't drink a lot of it this summer, I can definitely see this being my wine of choice for next fall and winter - I'm really hoping I can find it at the store!!!


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