Saturday, August 18, 2012

School Starts Monday

Well, it's been a crazy week getting ready for the start of school.  For me, this means welcome back events, employee training and just an overall amp up in the level of activity in our building.  This year was extra intense because we reopened one of our gyms that has been closed for over a year!  It was closed at the beginning of last summer (2011) to fix the roof, and then a worker caught the roof on fire, causing thousands of gallons to be dumped on the roof, and into the gym, ruining the basketball courts and track.

SO, we've been without 10 of our 15 courts, which is Indiana is just tragic, and after a really tough year, the courts reopened yesterday!  It was built in 1924, it used to be the place that the IU Men's Basketball Team played, and it's historic.  The remodel didn't change the look, and though we still have some work to do, but what matters most is that it's open and the students are back and playing!

We even had an IU Basketball Alum come and play today... we were excited to have Eric Gordon back, and he certainly drew a crowd!!  He was a really nice guy, too!

One more employee training tomorrow and the school kicks off on Monday!  The late nights and long weeks don't end, though... I'll be keeping some late hours for the first couple of weeks of the semester to be around to help the employees out!

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend and have a great week!!

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