Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Exhausted from so much Bachelorette FUN!!!

I'm officially too old to stay out late.  It takes me days to recover and if you add alcohol to the equation you can also add a couple more days!

We celebrated my cousin and her waning time as a bachelorette on Saturday, and it was SO fun!!

We started at the lake with a fully stocked cooler...

We stayed out too long without sunscreen and all of us got a little crispy.  From there, we hopped on the train and went to Chicago where a limo picked us up and was ours for the night!  We finished getting ready at my cousin's apartment and then we hit the town!!

We started with a girl's dinner at Niu Japanese Fusion restaurant.  This was a really amazing place to go for dinner... they have a great drink list and really reasonably priced sushi, and the atmosphere is awesome!!

The Rainbow Roll was GREAT!

I would definitely recommend this for anyone who likes sushi... the variety was great!  I will say that one of the girls had a little bit of an issue with her sushi... her fault, not the restaurants

After dinner, we met up with another cousin and his friends at Moe's Cantina, where a couple of my friends also met up with us.  After that, we went from there to Hubbard Inn and then on to The Leg Room, where apparently they thought we were pretty so they gave us the VIP treatment, include a free bottle of champagne.

Unfortunately for my readers, I will not divulge the details of the night... let's just say it was awesome - there was a little drama here and there, but overall, nothing that caused tears.  The bride also had a great time which is really what matters!!!

On Sunday morning, we woke up after about 4 hours of sleep, got our stuff together and set out for breakfast.  McDonald's was calling our name and after we fueled up, we had a little time before the train, so we stopped by Millennium park and visited the bean... one of the things that I've always wanted to do.

I wish there was a better way to take pics...
I don't like the fact that you can see my phone/camera.

We hopped on the 10:45 am train and headed back home, but have a lot of great memories (and some pictures that I didn't share) of our fun night in Chicago!!!

Michigan Ave from Millennium Park

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  1. oh man I have been craving sushi for days!!!! Looks awesome!