Friday, June 28, 2013

Greece: Kusadasi & Patmos

We left Mykonos and headed to our next destination - Kusadasi, Turkey.  It's a cute little island that thrives on the tourist traffic and has a really fun Bazaar area with shops and cafes.  We did a lot of shopping here, and just walked around and enjoyed the environment.

Welcome to Turkey!!

I loved the Turkish eyes in the sidewalk.
The host at a cafe saw me taking a picture and told all of us to
put our feet in, and he took a picture...

... and then he took a picture the other direction.
He reminded me of Fes from "That 70s Show"

Yes - there is McDonald's everywhere!!

There were a number of women making rugs around the city.

After a few hours in Kusadasi, we got back on the boat, enjoyed some time at the pool and then stopped in Patmos, Greece.  We walked around a little, but really just wanted to sit at a cafe on the beach and relax.  Patmos is a small island with not a lot of stuff to see, but it was a relaxing afternoon!

We were back on the boat in time for dinner, and set sail again for an overnight voyage to our next destination.


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  1. Kusadasi & Patmos both are wonderful cities. I am trying my best to plan my next vacations here. Thanks for sharing this post with lovely pics.