Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Greece: First Day at Sea - Mykonos

We boarded the ship...

... and got settled in our room...

Yep - it was TINY!!!
After a short trip on the boat, we arrived at our first destination - Mykonos.  We were there for a few hours in the evening, but it was the perfect amount of time to explore and have an amazing dinner!

So, somewhere between the time that I gave my mom her passport at the hotel, and when we were about to get off the boat, she figured out that she had lost her credit card.  We know for sure that it was in her passport when I gave it back to her, but from there... who knows.  We tried to call the credit card company from the boat and that didn't work (and they were not helpful) so we decided we would find a pay phone when we docked.  WELL, that was not the easiest thing.  We walked by a guy who was standing outside a restaurant (which he owned) and he spoke very good English, so we asked him if he knew where we could find a phone.  He handed us his phone and said she could use his.  My mom got the card cancelled and because of his friendliness, we decided we would eat at his restaurant.  GOOD CHOICE!!!!

House wine - now THAT is how you pour wine

Mom's smoked salmon salad

Grilled feta - recommended by the owner - did not disappoint

Fried calamari - IT WAS AMAZING!!!
Way better than any I've had in the US

Dad's Greek salad - can't go wrong  :)
After we ate, we walked around and explored before we had to head back to the boat.
Welcome to Mykonos!

Little Venice
It had amazing shops, restaurants and cafes - so cute!!

Pete - the (un)official mascot of Mykonos
They had another pelican that died, so they people
in the town got another one.  He's pretty tame.

Goodnight Mykonos!

We boarded the boat and sailed through the night to our next destination...


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