Wednesday, April 03, 2013

New Idea - Wine Wednesday

I used to have a weekly post called Wedding Wednesday - that was when I was planning my wedding (and for about a year afterward), and now that we've been married for almost two years, and I don't have anyone in my life who is currently planning a wedding, I've kind of lost interest in weddings.  Sure, I still DVR "Say Yes to the Dress", but who doesn't  :)

You may remember that J and I bottled our own wine before our wedding... wine that was intended for our friends and family to drink the week before the wedding.  Everyone loved it, and we actually still have a bottle of each wine that we haven't opened yet.

SO, rather than continuing Wedding Wednesday, I think I'm going to start a new weekly post - WINE WEDNESDAY!!!  We love wine and I'm sure some of you out there love wine, so I'll do it for you - DRINK MORE WINE FOR THE PEOPLE READING MY BLOG!!!

I'm very excited to start this new weekly post, and I hope we can find some great new wines together!!!

1 comment:

  1. Love the idea! Wine is amaaazing and who wouldn't love a Wine Wednesday Post?! Can't wait!