Monday, April 01, 2013

So we meet again - Half Marathon Training

Last May, I ran a half marathon - my goal was to finish, and I did... feeling better than I thought I would and in a fast time, too!  I ran my half marathon in 2:18:18 - that's at 10:34 pace... and as I struggled through a hip injury and dealt with an upswing in temperature the week of the race, I was very pleased with my first half and who can beat a finishers medal?

I never liked running - as a volleyball and basketball player, running was punishment and I don't think I ever ran more than 3 miles at one time - EVER.  J ran in college - he ran cross country and track and was a good runner in college.  Although I can't say I now LOVE to run, but he taught me how to run, progress and be successful - people who aren't runners try to run too hard, feel like crap, and give up... I'm getting better at not doing that.

SO, today starts my training for my NEXT half marathon.  It's on September 28th so I basically have 6 months to get ready... 2 month less than my last training - but as long as I can keep my hip healthy, I should be ready to go!  J has created a training schedule for me - I'm running 3 times a week and never on consecutive days.  In between, I'll do some other things - Pilates, eliptical, walking, swimming - or just take the day off when I want.

More to come... let's get this party started!!!


  1. good luck!!! I did 4 half marathons a couple years ago and really enjoyed it at the time - unfortunately, I just CANNOT get back into the swing of things. I'm hoping to do one again next Spring or next Fall.

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    1. I'm running the Fort for Fitness Half in Fort Wayne.