Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wine Wednesday

Last week's Wine Wednesday post was A guide to Wine Wednesday - well, it's time for the first official post!

A couple weeks ago, J was out of town visiting his grandparents in Phoenix, so I had a sleepover with a friend and we got take out sushi, watched girly movies and drank wine.

Oliver White Sangria (year unknown)
  • Type of wine - Sangria, which is a wine punch, typically served with fruit - we had mango in ours
  • Where to Buy & Price - Oliver is a local winery for us.  I have found their wines at Sam's and Walmart in other states, but I'm not sure about this one specifically.  You can purchase it on Oliver's Website for $7.50 per bottle - note, the glass of wine in the picture is half a bottle
  • Smell - I smelled peaches (before I put the mango in) and red apples - it smells very fruity!
  • What You'll Taste - SWEET!!!  That was the first thing I thought - sweet.  I also tasted honey along with the various fruits.
  • Intensity & Sweetness - I put these together because the intensity is in the sweetness and it is VERY intense.  I started to get a stomach ache by the time I was almost done with the glass and I was so excited to get to the point that I was able to eat the mango and get a little bit of tart flavor as a sweet relief.  It really tasted more like grape juice with some extra flavors and was the sweetest sangria I've ever tasted.
I probably wouldn't buy this again.  It's not that it was bad - I really like most of the wines that Oliver puts out - there are just other sweet Oliver wines that I can buy if that's what I'm in the mood for, that won't make me feel like I've just drank a whole bunch of sugar water.


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