Monday, September 24, 2012

This Weekend

J and I were on vacation again last Wednesday-Friday, so I hope you enjoyed the Chicago recaps while we were gone.

We went to the lake, to my aunt and uncle's house in Kalamazoo for a visit, and to my cousins' house in Grand Rapid's to see my uncle's art work that was displayed at Art Prize.  The festival has created another great reason for a family get together and my cousins were great hosts!

Rather than getting a hotel, we decided we would camp.  Let me just tell you... I am not an outdoorsy girl.  I hate bugs because when they bite me, I'm miserable... not like "stop breathing" miserable, just really itchy for a really long time.  I also really like running water.  I have curly hair, but my second day curls kind of suck, so not being able to shower and do my hair can make for some really bad hair days.

I've decided that I can handle this type of camping (backyard camping) for two main reasons...

1. There is a bathroom/shower just inside the door


2. I got this!!!

I know you've seen it before, but I'm really excited about it!!  I did forget to mention one other reason I'm agreeing to camp... my cousin has an 8 person tent, in which she has promised me we can fit 2 air mattresses.  I don't think I'd like sleeping on the ground... even in my pouch.

Hope everyone had a great weekend... Art Prize recaps coming soon!!

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