Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Chicago Recap - Part 2

We were up and out the door at around 9:30 am on Saturday morning.  We hopped on the Red Line and headed to Wrigleyville.  After a good breakfast at McDonald's (my favorite!!) we walked around Wrigley and saw the sites!

Harry Carey
After some time walking around the ballpark, we went to O'Malley's to find a place to park for most of the day and watch college football.  We started the morning with Bloody Mary's and beer.

I got a hold of one of my BFFs, Chris, who lives in Chicago and he met us down at O'Malley's.  We sat by the window that overlooked the first base entrance to Wrigley.

J's friend and his gf left for a while to go find scalpers and go into the game for a while, so they could see the inside of Wrigley, and we continued to eat and drink at O'Malley's.  Chris' girlfriend Jess met us down there and we made plans for dinner that night.

We went back to the hotel and showered and changed and then headed to Quartino, a wine bar down the street from our hotel.  The wine was good and the food was alright... it's definitely not a place to sit and talk with people.

We finished dinner and went to one other place to grab a drink and finished our night.  Well... the girls went to bed... the boys went and had a couple more drinks  :)

Don't miss the ending... it's coming soon!

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