Friday, September 14, 2012

This Weekend

I have to stay in town this weekend because I'm on call at work... I am planning on using this time at home to get some crafting done!  I have big plans for a DIY Birthday present for a very special 1 year old whose Birthday I'll be attending in a couple of weeks... more on this coming after the Birthday party.

I'm also working on some fall decorating ideas.  I know I want to make a wreath and I want a new centerpiece for our dining room table.  Here's what we had last year...

My Thanksgiving centerpiece

I'm thinking something more like this... maybe with a burlap table runner, and maybe some stuff around it...

As far as the wreath goes, I'm thinking that I like one of these options...

fall wreath - LOVE!!!
Burlap Front Closeup Edit
I also want to do something on our steps/porch, but I haven't quite gotten there yet  :)

Hope everyone has a great weekend and Chicago recaps are coming next week, for sure!!

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