Thursday, February 09, 2012

The Next Step

I got an email from my Sister-in-Law the other day and she said "you didn't update your blog yet... what's going on with your hip"?  She may be the only one wondering, but here's an update.

The X-Ray didn't show any fractures, but did show some possible impingement.

I had my MRI last week and then my doctor called and said that the MRI didn't show much... some inflammation and some extra fluid in my hip joint bursa sack.  What does this mean?  That there is nothing that can be done "now" to fix my hip... which I'm pretty ok with because "now" would likely mean that I would either have to get an injection in my hip, have surgery or just stop running... none of those are options I wanted.

So, I start Physical Therapy next week.  I am always nervous to start PT because I'm always worried about how the view of the therapist and I will differ.  I am by no means a competitive athlete anymore, but that doesn't mean that I want to be treated like I've never been an athlete.  I would still consider myself "athletic", especially since I think that's something you're born with... or maybe I would compare it to being more like "riding a bike".  Either way, I know how to push myself and I like to.  I also don't want to be that difficult patient that the PT hates.

The only joint related surgery I've ever had was on my knee... I chose my Orthopedic Surgeon because he was the surgeon worked on UT Athletes and the Arena Football team that I was interning with... I chose my doctor in Austin because it was Sports and Family medicine... also the reason I chose my doctor here.  My doctor here sent me to this specific PT clinic because they have an underwater treadmill and she knows I'm trying to train for a Half Marathon... this is why I already love her.

I'm not stressing about it... I just don't know how to ensure I get what I want out of PT and that the therapist understands my goals and my mindset.  I guess I'll know more next week... more to come.

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