Monday, October 01, 2012

The Bridesmaid Dress

I just realized that I'm only a few days away from being a bridesmaid for the first time, and I haven't even shown you my dress!!!  My cousin told us she wanted us in short black dresses, but beyond that we got to choose what they looked like and what fabric they were.

Since it's fall, I felt like I didn't really want anything strapless or halter... I don't know why really... maybe because you never know how cold it's going to be here in October and I thought I'd want my shoulders covered?  I also feel like there is no better occasion than a wedding to bring a little lace and sparkle into your life... and so I did  :)

I got this at DressBarn, which is a place that I can usually find a dress when I need one.  They have dresses for people who have actual curves, which always makes shopping there a more positive experience.  They have really great occasion dresses that you can't always find in stores, but there's a huge selection online.

One of the things I love most about the dress is the way the skirt fits and flatters.  The really great gathering on the side makes the front of the skirt very flattering.  The shape of the skirt is amazing and it fits my hips so well, which is usually my biggest challenge.

I really love the top of the dress.  It's black lace over a nude base, and it's got just a little sparkle with some  black sequins which you can just barely see shimmering in this picture. 

I'm really excited to wear this dress... there's really only one thing I have left to figure out... WHAT SHOES AM I GOING TO WEAR?!??!

I live in the land of terrible shoe stores, so my mom is going to go out this week and look for a few options for me, but the major problem is that my cousin and the other bridesmaids are short.  I'm probably 5"-6" taller than them, so I don't want to look like a tree standing next to a bunch of pretty littler flowers...

I have a few options to take with me, but I'm hoping my mom can find something for me that will be comfortable and go with the lace which is the hardest part in my opinion.

Any suggestions on what kind of look I should be going for on the shoes???

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  1. that is a beautiful dress!!! You're going to look stunning in it!