Friday, October 21, 2011

Last Weekend and This Weekend

J and I went up to Ft Wayne last weekend to see my parents and to get more of our stuff, specifically our dining room table and beautiful hutch that's been sitting in my parents' garage for about 5 years, since my aunt handed it down to me.  The dining room has been a major catch all up until now, and we were running out of places to put serving dishes that we got as wedding gifts, so we really needed to get the hutch down to our house.

Before we left for Ft Wayne, we got up extra early on Friday morning to go and get...

Yes... that is the iPhone 4S and I am now the owner of one... a white one... it's pretty!

So, once we got to Ft Wayne, we went for a run (which I just realized I needed to log on my Mini Marathon Blog) and then spent the evening relaxing at my parents' house.

On Saturday, my mom and I went shopping and got pedicures and then we went our for her Birthday dinner. The place we had our rehearsal dinner sent us a gift card as a thank you, so what better time to use it than for dinner, drinks and dessert!

My mom isn't really hard to shop for, but she is hard to surprise, so when I saw that this was coming to the Embassy Theater in Ft Wayne, I had to get tickets for her and my dad.

I really wish that J and I could have gone with them, but it's on a Tuesday and that's a long way to drive.  Hopefully they will have a great time!

Sunday was spent around the kitchen table for a long brunch and then packing up our car so we could head back home.  We got the dining room table and hutch into J's truck and he hit the road to beat the rain.  We got 4 of our 6 dining room chairs in my car along with a few other wedding gifts that still remained  at my parents' house.

Our house is finally coming along!!!

We are running a 5K this weekend and making dinner for my co-workers who had a baby a few weeks ago, and then I am hoping to make our couch pillows and get some stuff done around the house.  Hopefully we'll have house pictures coming soon!

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  1. sounds like you've been a busy girl! glad things are going so well :)