Monday, August 05, 2013

Greece: Rhodes

After having a day split between Kusadasi and Patmos, it was really nice to get to Rhodes and have a whole day there.  It is a nice island with a number of churches and ruins, but is also very well known for their beaches, which is where we spent our day!

We had a pretty good walk to the beach, but there was some scenery along the way...

When we finally got to the beach, we picked where we wanted to be an rented a few chairs!  The beach that we were on was really rocky, so it wasn't exactly the kind of beach you walk on, but it was still a relaxing day and a chance to lay in the sun, read a book and enjoy the beautiful water!  I preferred to enjoy the water from my chair for most of the day - it was cold, and it hurt our feet to stand on the rocks for very long.

We set up camp right in front of a little cafe, so they brought us lunch and of course, a Mythos beer  :)

We walked back to the ship along the coast and got to see some more of the scenery that we didn't see when we walked through town the first time.

I really wish I wouldn't have gotten a new tattoo right before I left because on the way back, we saw a place where you could get one of those pedicures where the fish eat your dead skin off... I totally would have done that!!!

We got back to our room to find this cute little guy on the bed...

And here are some of the other friends that we made on the cruise - or should I say the friends that were made for us...

We got this extra special guy because my mom bought a
towel animal "how to" book from our housekeeper  :)

We had dinner with a very nice lady from New York, who was traveling with her father and a Japanese tourist group - she spoke English - and it was really nice to talk with her!

Next Stop - Crete and Santorini

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