Friday, August 02, 2013

A Crazy Couple of Weeks...

OK, so it's been a couple of weeks since I've posted anything, and it's been a busy couple of weeks, to say the least.  The weekend after my Birthday, we packed up our house and moved... it was quite an adventure. We had a ton of help from friends and family and that made a huge difference in the amount of time it took us to get done. 

When we left Bloomington, I was driving J's truck and I had 3 box springs in it... well they weren't tied down very well and I had the most stressful hour of driving that I've ever had in my life.  We stopped at a gas station and I sweated like crazy while I got it all tied down with cinch straps.  The rest of the drive was fine - but it added about an hour and a half to my trip.

So, we officially live in Michigan now, and after a week off that was spent at the lake, and one week of work at my new job, I'm pretty sure Michigan suits me  :)  Our apartment is nothing fancy, but it's temporary... we'll have a year to figure out where we want to live and have the chance to take our time finding/buying a house, which will be MUCH different than our first home buying experience.

The rest of this week - I am going to finish my posts about Greece, especially now that it was almost 2 months ago, and then I may do a look back at some of the stuff we did at our old house before we moved.  Either way, I have a lot of content that I've been meaning to post... and it's probably time for a new look on the blog - ALL COMING SOON!!

Have a great week!!

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