Thursday, March 28, 2013

DIY Home Improvements - The Kitchen

On Monday, I showed you our weekend project - the completion of our guest bath remodel.  WELL, I realized that J and I have been doing a lot of planning for more upcoming improvements in our kitchen that I haven't shared  yet.  These are things that are going to be coming up SOON and honestly, I'm really just excited to get them done so we can enjoy them!!!

We don't have many pictures of our kitchen from before we moved in, but you can see here what color the walls and the dishwasher were before when we bought it:

As soon as we moved in, we painted, and when we went to Best Buy to look for a microwave (the house didn't have one included) and a new dishwasher (I seriously gagged from the smell when I opened it), we ended up leaving with an entire kitchen's worth of appliances - stainless steal, so here's what our kitchen has looked like since a month after we moved in:

When we moved in to the house, we knew that we wanted to redo the floors (the peel and stick vinyl that's in the kitchen is pulling up because of direct sunlight) and counter tops, and we talked a lot about using the Rustoleum cabinet refinish system to paint the cabinets white.  WELLLL, we decided that we didn't want to put the time and effort into changing the cabinets and instead, move that large pantry down and add more cabinets, that would also add more counter space.

Since we made that decision, we have been MOVING on the kitchen makeover... 

Cabinets - pantry moved and new cabinets purchased, going up this week!!  A couple of cool things we included... a wine rack that's going in with the upper cabinets and a pull out trash going in the new bottom cabinet.  Still need to pick out drawer/door pulls

Counter tops - picked and purchasing this week from Lowe's
Allen + Roth - Antiquity
Tile - picked and purchased from Lowe's... going in after the counter tops are done
Style Selections 16-in x 16-in Tanned Brown Ceramic Floor Tile
Style Selections - Tanned Brown (16 x 16)

SO, I'm really hopeful that we are going to have all of this done in the next month.  We are putting that tile in the downstairs half bath and the hallway that connects the bathroom and kitchen, so I think that's going to be the most involved part - that and waiting on the counter tops to be ready and installed (which we are not doing ourselves).

After that, I may pick a backsplash tile, but I think I want to actually be in the kitchen for a while before I decide what I want to do with that.  What do you think???

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