Friday, January 04, 2013

Oh Crap... Christmas is over

Christmas is definitely my favorite time of year, and while it's still definitely winter in Indiana, it's time to put the Christmas decorations away (maybe this weekend?)

I was so busy leading up to Christmas that I didn't get to post anything that showed the new decorations that were incorporated to what we had last year, so before they go away for another year, here are some pictures of what our house looked like during the holidays...

A modest centerpiece - love the candle sticks!

My grandmother's nativity

Mistletoe  :)

A gift from my mom for our tree

What the nest means...
By the end of the weekend, everything will be back in boxes and back in the garage - I wish they were called "Winter Decorations" instead of "Christmas Decorations" because I'd like to leave them up until the end of February - the lights on our tree create such a great ambiance for our living room!

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