Wednesday, January 23, 2013

It is SOOOOO effing cold!!!

My first winter back in Indiana was SUPER mild.  We had a total of about 1 inch of snow that ever accumulated for more than a few hours, and one morning of ice on the roads that was gone by noon.

So far this year, we had an overnight accumulation of 14", which we only got to see the result of a week later when we got home to a full driveway and no snow shovels in the entire city.

NOW the weather is SUPER cold and I had to buy my first official COAT - I felt like Eddie Bauer would be my best option for a quality coat that was not going to cost me a billion dollars.  SO, this is what I got...

Essential Down Parka
I love it... there is really great fleece in the collar, cuffs and pockets that makes me feel like I've got a a teddy bear in my pocket  :)

While it's not as cold here as it is where J's family lives, where the high tomorrow is 0 degrees, this coat should be great for the rest of the Southern Indiana winter, and hopefully it will keep me warm during my trip to Chicago that starts tomorrow!!

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  1. that cook looks so great and so warm!! :) I'm so glad you found me over at Little Moments, Big Moments! I was worried that some people wouldn't be able to find me right away - but I didn't want to broadcast where I was moving to because my name had become tied to that blog and I wanted a little bit more anonymity. Thanks for your extensive recap of your Lasik surgery, it helped me better understand what I'll go through to, but overall I am sooo happy with it. I just had my vision checked today and I came in at 20/15 so feeling great and seeing even better than before!