Saturday, January 07, 2012

When did 2012 get here?

Obviously I'm a little behind on my New Year post... the beginning of the semester just drains me and we haven't even started school yet!

I've been catching up on the blogs I follow tonight and everyone did such great recaps of the year and their holidays and mine kind of sucked...

Not my holidays... they were great.  I took a little over a week off work and it was fantastic to get to spend time at my parents'house baking, and hanging out with family and spending just about every day in my pajamas.  It's a great feeling to get up, take a shower and put on some clean PJs.

Christmas was hard... I never would have thought that I would be spending this Christmas without my grandma... despite the fact that her house has been sold and her stuff is all over my parents' house and filling up their garage, it still just doesn't seem real sometimes.

I had to come back to work on the 29th, so my parents, aunt, uncle and a few cousins came down for New Years Eve.  We continued the holiday tradition of eating, watching basketball/football and playing games.  Once again, we spent another holiday in pajamas, but I'm not someone who likes to get all dressed up and go out with the crowds.

On the second, I had some coworkers over for dinner and then I went back to work on the 3rd.  This weekend is a training weekend so there's some extra time in the office.  Next week will be another long week full of late nights and then I get a 3 day weekend because of MLK day, so I'm looking forward to that.

SO, the fact that it's 2012 has not really hit me yet... my Christmas decorations are still up, my suitcase from my trip to my parents' house has not been unpacked and all of our Christmas presents are still in boxes.

Like I said, this week is not going to be much better for me as far as extra time goes, so I guess I just need to plan on MLK day being my day to get stuff done around the house.  It's pretty likely that I won't get any blogging done this week either (maybe a lunch post or two) so I'll put that on the schedule for next weekend as well, now that all of my Wedding Wednesday posts have run out  :-D

Here's hoping that you have a nice, relaxing, quiet week ahead of you... one of us should...

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