Friday, November 18, 2011

This Weekend's To Do List

We have company coming next week and we are hosting our first Thanksgiving in our new house... HOORAY!!!  I'm so excited, but it means that we have A LOT to do this weekend!!!  I was sitting at the BMV this morning, trying to get my car registered, and making a mental list of all the things that we have to get done this weekend:

  • Painting - finishing up some detail work and paint the doors
  • Hanging
    • Blinds - they arrived today... HOORAY!!!
    • Curtains - this is also on the "to buy" list for some of our rooms, but I'm waiting until the blinds are up to decide what kind of curtains I want in the bedrooms
    • Stuff on the walls - we currently have NOTHING on the walls in our house
  • Cleaning
    • Bathrooms
    • Kitchen
    • Floors
  • Organizing
    • One of the guest rooms - right now it's the shoe room, but it will soon be a bed room!
    • The garage - I'd really love to park my car in there!!!
    • The room above the garage
    • Our bathroom - we need to "his and hers" it... right now everything is everywhere!
We also have some furniture to move around and some boxes still to unpack.  There's a REALLY slight chance that we may actually tear down the weird vines that are growing on our back porch and up the side of our house.  I hate them and they need to go away!!!  Doing this would also mean that we would like get our fire pit dug out because where else do you think the vines would go  :-D

It's going to be a long weekend of a lot of work, but with a deadline in sight, we will hopefully have some extra motivation!!

What are you up to this weekend????

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  1. Oy my "house to do list" is a never-ending list that overwhelms me so much! Hope you got a ton of things done! Our next step is getting the blinds too..right now we have temporary paper blinds!