Tuesday, September 02, 2014

A New Year is Upon Us!

School in Michigan starts after Labor Day - THANK GOODNESS!

All my friends have been back in school for at least a week.  I started today.

The start of a school year is a very busy time for me - meetings, trainings, promotional events, LOTS of students are have all of a sudden returned and expect undivided attention and quick responses  even though they have not been responding to us for 3 months.  Such is life.

On top of the start of school, we close on our house this week - not a huge deal... just THOUSANDS of dollars invested into a single item that will (hopefully) be ours for years and years.  Just kidding - it's really not that scary, especially when you know that your investment is sound.

We are in the throws of packing up our apartment, which is also not a huge task since it's only 700 square feet, but it's still an annoying pile up of energy draining activities that I'm having to deal with right now.  This weekend will consist of cleaning, taping and possibly some painting.  We keep saying we are not in a hurry, but let's get real, who wants painting to take that long... NOT ME!

So, send positive energy my way this week - I'll need all the energy I can get!

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